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KT Fu Xi's Mountain


KT Fu Xi's Mountain is the third Knowledge Track of the Vision Path.

Prior requirements: KT Portal 1 and KT Valley of Light.

Cost: $125
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A practical course in the Yi Jing (or I Ching)

The specificity of KT Fu Xi's Mountain is that it includes a course in the Yi Jing.

The Yi Jing, or I Ching, is a sacred book of Ancient China that is used as an oracle of which questions are asked. Coins or yarrow sticks are employed to receive answers following a simple method (fully explained in the KT).

The Yi Jing has been used for thousands of years in China. In the western world, it was popularized in particular through the influence of Carl Jung, who related it to his own theory of synchronicity.

Carl Jung wasn't the only one to be impressed by the Yi Jing's subtlety and wisdom. Many are those who have been amazed, fascinated... and captivated! A session with the Yi Jing can easily give you the impression of conversing with a 100,000-year-old friend whose mind-blowing understanding of the human nature and of the rhythms of time is seasoned with a bitter-sweet sense of humor.

But to reach this depth and subtlety, a few important principles must first be fully understood. Besides, the more your interaction with the Yi Jing is integrated with your spiritual practice, the more you can avoid the pitfalls of cheap fortune telling. You can then start probing the Yi Jing for what it really is: a phenomenal tool for vision and transformation.

An anecdote: did you know that the modern Chinese word for revolution was taken from the Yi Jing? When a word was needed to express radical change, Chinese revolutionaries turned to the Yi Jing and found in its hexagram 49 the best concept to express their action.
For many hundreds of years in China the Yi Jing has been used as a decision-making tool by emperors, politicians and high public servants.

First video: Yi Jing


If you have never heard about the Yi Jing, you will find here a 36 minute program that introduces all essential concepts and leads you step by step to the point where you can start asking your own questions of the Yi Jing.

Part 1 – Traveling instructions and short story

After receiving your traveling instructions, you will be taken to ancient records for a short story about Takhar, one of the Masters of Thunder – long before the action of Atlantean Secrets. The story includes records of Barkhan Seer's first incarnation in the tradition of Thunder.

Part 2 – Practicals

This KT includes 4 practical sessions: guided practices. Each session lasts between 90 and 110 minutes. As with all KTs of the Vision Path, the recommended method is to follow one session every week or every two weeks, possibly repeating sessions so that the KT is to be completed in 6 to 12 weeks.

In KT Fu Xi's Mountain, the guide is Samuel Sagan. Apart from continuing the fundamental work on the third eye, these practicals explore the central thread of energy centers above the head and how they can be used in dialoguing with the Yi Jing. The practicals of Fu Xi's Mountain also introduce the cardinal technique of uplifting, with which Clairvision practitioners have had powerful results when dealing with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome patients, and which is the first of the 'supermind techniques' in the Clairvision system of inner alchemy.

Transcriptions of the practical sessions are included in the written material of the KT.

A LOT of work has gone into the music! We hope you'll enjoy it.

Part 3 – Theory (not including the Yi Jing)

Part 3 is comprised of 3 talks, offered both as texts and as audio recordings for you to listen to when driving, on public transport, etc.

The contents of the talks are:

  • 3.1 Protecting your energy when using computers: how to manage your energy and use third eye know-how so as to avoid being drained when working with computers.
  • 3.2 Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Uplifting: a talk that introduces the uplifting technique and how it has been used in cases of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
  • 3.3 The Theory of Night Practice: explores the whys and hows of the night practice technique.

Part 4 – Yi Jing wisdom and time windows

This part includes 3 talks about the art of interpreting Yi Jing answers, spoken by film maker and storyteller Philip Joseph.

The written text also includes a short commentary on the spiritual meaning of the Yi Jing's 64 hexagrams by Samuel Sagan, as well as an introduction to the Chinese conception of time sequence, as used in Chinese astrology.

Part 5 – Night practice

This KT also includes 2 night practices, with the music of Samuel Sagan.

Part 6 – Technical videos


The second program is a sharing time in which Clairvision students speak of their experiences when practicing uplifting and other techniques dealt with in this Knowledge Track.

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